About Ociel

The Interscholastic Equestrian League is a publicly supported non-profit corporation operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, to foster regional and national amateur equestrian sports competition.

The primary goals and objectives of the League are to encourage a knowledge of horsemanship, stable management, equine anatomy and physiology and to promote teamwork in a fair and friendly competition with the young riders from K thru 12th grade. The League encourages and supports the efforts of those students and their parents at public and private schools who have made a commitment to the sport. The League promotes the sport as an “Interscholastic Team Activity”.

Board of Directors

Alison Gerami

Leslie Thomson
1st Vice President

Kim Salata
2nd Vice President: Rules

Dana Smith

Horse Show Staff

Alison Gerami
Show Secretary

Kim Salata
Assistant Show Secretary

Cathy Lamberty
Assistant Show Secretary

Additional Positions

The Board
Senior Scholarship

Alison Gerami & Leslie Thomson

Social Media


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